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I made the mistake of going to the peluquería (the hair salon) today. A good friend and co-worker of mine said she knew just the place. We had to take a combi outside of Huancayo central just to find her. It usually costs 3 soles ($1) to get your hair cut my friend tells me, but this lady charges 5 soles for her work. She had to be good.

We waited a half hour for her to arrive. I took my seat and explained what I wanted in broken Spanish – keep it long in the front, trim the back, fix the bangs, which I had been painstakingly cutting by myself the last three weeks. She starts trimming the back and all seems good. I find it weird that she only sprays my hair with water because I’m used to the soak pre-cut, but I brush it off. What should I be expecting for 5 soles anyway? Then, in one fell swoop, she performs an act so wholly disgusting, rendering me speechless – she cuts almost 3 inches off the front of my hair. My hair was already so short, I was trying to grow it out, and now… I have a mushroom cut and I look like a boy.

For some reason, my friend says nothing as the peluquera cuts more of my hair off, as she shaves the back of my neck with shaving cream and a blade old-school style, as she cuts another inch off my already short bangs. The left side of my hair is now noticeably longer than the right side of my hair, my bangs aren’t straight but I can’t trim it any shorter because they’re already abnormally high on my forehead, and I have stubble on the back of my neck. Above all this, I get charged 10 soles when she usually charges 5 and I don’t understand why. I cannot believe I let this happen to me. This…is…un…fixable.

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  • Hi Santy, this is very funny. Better buy those hats and headscarves. I guess you don't dare post a picture? hahaha.You were charged more because you are a foreigner. Here, Kjartan is charged more if I am not with him.

  • Hey Sam, That's typical…..I would be surprised if you actually found a hairstylist who gave you the cut that you wanted….exactly!!! Take what little you could get and count your blessings that it wasn't worse!!! OH!…the HORRORS I have seen(and experienced.) Lesson number one: Do not give too many instruction(keep it short, they don't like when you know more than they do), Two: Keep your fingers crossed and Three: Hope for the best. I feel your pain. But not so much. The last hair cut I got(today) was excellent. Best of Luck next time. Hm??!!P.S.- Are you gonna post some pix of the new cut?

  • Oh Sam, don't worry ^^. It's not horrible at all, I saw some pictures on your flickr :). I have already had this haircut one day. It was traumatic, I understand your feeling ^^ but as your friend said, it will grow ^__^oSee you Sam and Ganbatte in Peru!!Helene (from France 🙂 )

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