About Me

Boxes I Identify With Then Seek to Transcend

  • Filipino-Chinese by birth
  • Canadian & Peruvian by citizenship
  • Daughter and sister by familial ties
  • Yogi and acrobat by desire
  • Neuroscientist by education
  • Web designer and Internet marketing specialist by trade

“I was never one of those kids who knew exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up. In the end, I chose a career in reinvention and becoming more fully human.”

Where I’ve Put Down Roots

“My wandering, relaxed, creative, authentic, rose-smelling self is constantly negotiating with my perfectionistic, organized, planning, critical thinking self.”

My Guides of Great Significance

  • Individuation, especially through svadhyaya (inquiry, introspection)
  • Love of learning, pursuing broad interests, and unearthing new perspectives through curiosity and exploration
  • Vitality and zest for life, connection, and growth
  • Thoughtful risk-taking and facing ensuing challenges with bravery
  • Depth of and warmth from relationship with people of all walks of life (so your comments and notes mean the world to me)

My most transformative experiences have come from arbitrarily choosing a new interest or path, then summoning my inner gumption to handle the rest.

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