A Simple Life: The Fine Line Between Simplicity and Laziness

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Living in Peru, especially in Huancayo, has always conjured up images of a simple life for me. The year I first moved to Huancayo, simplicity was what I had come to value and what I continue to define myself by. It is my effort to not be carried away by materialism and the associated negativity.

My life in Huancayo is simplified in that…

  • I hand wash my laundry.
  • There aren’t a lot of restaurant choices.
  • I shower out of a bucket
  • Walking is my primary means of getting around town.
  • I have a limited selection of clothes and shoes.
  • I often try to fix old things or make things instead of buying new things.

The first four points I don’t have much control over because they have more to do with my environment. But I started getting the feeling that I couldn’t always attribute the last two to being resourceful and economical. Was it borderline laziness? Did I make an origami box for miniature tools, did I glue parts of my glasses together, do I have a small wardrobe selection all because I just don’t want to bother shopping?

I have to admit that shopping isn’t my favorite activity and maybe that’s to my advantage because I end up saving money and living more simply.

What potentially negative quality or trait has been to your advantage?

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  • Sometimes my procrastination, which is usually considered a negative trait, turns out to be to my advantage. I probably should provide an example, but I’ll think about it and get back to you. 😉

    • I can hardly imagine! Can’t wait to hear about an example, Rachel! Let’s see… maybe it meant that you found out you didn’t need to do something after all and so the procrastination was worth it? =P

  • You hand wash your laundry and shower out of a bucket! Ouch! On the other hand, simple living is a great opportunity to learn what really matters in life. I can understand you not wanting to go shopping especially if you don’t need to replenish your wardrobe. If you can save your time and money that’s what’s important. I certainly wouldn’t call that laziness at all.

    One negative trait that has turned out to my advantage is my voice. It’s not forceful and doesn’t carry. Often I have a suggestion or comment that seems to go unheard only to have someone else pick up on it and make it their own. I end up being the motivator behind a decision or action.

    • I hadn’t thought about it that way, Pennie! So true! =) I guess it comes down to priorities and saving time/money IS very important to me!

      I loved that reflection! =) It must feel good to know that you instigated something good and productive. =)

  • Your question is one often asked at job interviews, and it’s a good one. In my case, I’d say an unwillingness to accept my limitations. As a result, despite having an average IQ, I achieves aPh.D in record time from a very well respected university in the USA, despite having no formal training, designed award winning cars for General Motors. and have succeeded in other endeavors by not accepting my limitations as well.

    • That’s true, Vinny! I’d have to think of a better example for job interviews though. =P

      You really have achieved so much! I need to take advantage of that quality I know is inside me but doesn’t always come out… that determination. =)

  • Probably every asset can be seen as a negative in the extreme and vice versa. My stubbornness or obsession often changes places with perseverance, and often, staying the course pays off big time for me. I admire you and others who adapt quite well to a simpler way of living. We should all realize that our modern conveniences are not actual necessities, even though we have become to rely on them.

    • So true, Adriene! Maybe that’s why I find myself in difficulties — because I always end up at the extremes. =P

      You know, I don’t think that I would have made the decision myself if I hadn’t been forced into the situation, and I wonder what it’ll be like when I move to Vancouver where modern conveniences are the norm! =P

  • Perseverance. I never give up. I will try to do whatever I have to. Is it good or bad? I don’t know. But that’s how I built my business …As for you, wow! I admire you for managing to have such a simple life. Maybe, after all, mine is too complicated!

  • Roberta Budvietas

    Life is amazing when we move from our comfort zone. The only concern is your health. Interesting the experiences we have living in different places of the world

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