Samantha Bangayan

Website Developer | Internet Marketing Specialist
Research Coordinator
Editor | Writer | Translator (Spanish to English)

Nomad & Lover of Learning
Bilingual Filipina-Born Ethnic Chinese Raised in Canada & Living in Peru

Working With Me Means…

An Authentic Connection
Honest Communication
Detailed Explanations


Co-Founder – Peru Travel With Purpose, specializing in Machu Picchu Tours
General Manager – Khunan Fast Food, the 1st Bagel Shop in Huancayo, Peru
Webmaster – BC Football Hall of Fame
Research Coordinator in the Central Andes of Peru – Various North American Universities
Bachelor of Science in Behavioural Neuroscience – University of British Columbia (UBC)
Academic Background – Laboratories in the UBC Department of Psychology
Yearlong Student Exchange – Osaka University, Japan
Editing & Translation of Research Papers – Professors in Europe, South America & Japan

Notable Publications

The University of British Columbia Magazine
Academic Case Study – The Journal of Rehabilitation Psychology
Award-Winning Research Proposals on Child Development
Articles on International Development – WestCoast Families Magazine

Samantha Bangayan’s Curriculum Vitae & Testimonials at LinkedIn

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  • Hello Samantha … My name is Joan Rojas and your friend Karen (of Karen and Luis) told me of you. I'd like talk with you offline about writing for our Blog ….

    Would you be willing to read about us and our vision for our Blog space at the above link and then be in touch with me through the email you now have as a result of my making this comment? Thanks so much!

    I love your writing, your perspective and your Blog. Un saludo, Joan

  • Samantha!!! What took you to Huancayo??? Iknow what you mean about wanting to talk to another english speaker. I felt so disabled while I was there. I fell in love with the people and in love with the area but the language barrier put a BIG kink in really enjoying my time there. I even spotted the Mormon missionaries walking the streets. By the time I turned around they were lost in the croud. It would be great to look you up the next time I come to Huancayo. How long will you be staying??? We are going to build a home there, just outside of Chupacca a couple of miles. I just haven't figured out why the basically give everything away (food, clothing and other commodities) yet the cost of the land is as expensive or more so then sought after land is here in the US.

    • Abe! Can't wait to get in touch! =) I'll be living here indefinitely, so I'm sure we'll cross paths. My partner's aunt owns a farm by Chupaca and I've always dreamed of living there! =) I'll shoot you an email in a bit!

  • Hey Sam! Followed you here from Melanie's blog. 🙂 Your family name sounds very Pinoy, so I thought of just checking it out in your blog. Have you lived here in the Philippines?

    • Thomas, thanks so much for stopping by! =)

      Thanks for mentioning "Bacon is Magic"! =) I love Ayngelina's blog and have actually been in touch with her! She hasn't been to my city, Huancayo, before and I told her how much she was missing out. =) Hopefully, she'll get a chance to stop by here through her travels.

      Heading over to visit TechWork right now — I think I've got a lot to learn from you, Thomas! =)

  • HI Samantha,

    How are you doing? We are going to be friends on BetterNetworker. Great blog site. We look forward to the friendship.

    You have great background. Love to read about people with a vision for different aspects of life.

    Have a Blessed Day,

    Danny & Laura

    • Danny and Laura, thank you so much for stopping by my blog! =) I really appreciate you reaching out and I've definitely accepted your friend request on BetterNetworker. The website is very new to me, so I look forward to learning tons from you too. =)

      Take care and talk soon! =)

  • Hi Samantha, nice to meet you. Lol Peruvian at heart huh? I know the feeling, sometimes I’m told the same about being Latin at heart, but I love each culture in their own specific way. it's great to see your blog and all of the great things that you have posted on it. How is life in Peru? And if you have the time send me an email, I’d love to hear more.
    My recent post Bad SEO practices – What to avoid

    • Patrick, thanks so much for dropping by *and* especially for taking the time to leave a comment! =) You know, you're so right — I hold a lot of different cultures in my heart too, not just the Peruvian one. But the tagline would be too long if I tried to explain that. =)

      I'll send you an email right now for sure! =)

  • Hi Samantha!

    I'm going to be in Huancayo volunteering in Sept/Oct with Expand Peru. I'm hoping to find other people there that might want to come with my on days off to do some traveling and site-seeing! I heard you were in Huancayo. Would you, or do you know anyone that wouldn't mind showing me around and hanging out?


    • So great to you Angela! I've seen some of the Expand Peru volunteers at the local mall and I love their work! =) Just email me when you're around — I'd love to hang out and introduce you to some local friends!

      I have to let you know that I'm planning to move to Trujillo next month though! Hopefully, I'll still be around or will still be traveling back and forth when you're here. If not, I can send you the contact info of people you should meet while you're here! =)

  • Great to hear from a pinoy blooded writer. I’m actually real pinoy who is practicing writing. I do web developing and optimizing a website through the search engines. I also write what I’m doing and sharing it to my blog or site.

    Your profile inspires to continue to write. Thanks

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