Huancayo Travel Guide 2023: What to Do in and Around Huancayo, Peru

I’ve been living in Peru, specifically in Huancayo in the Central Andes of Peru, for over 10 years now, and I always tell my friends that it’s so worth visiting here if you want a taste of the real Peru that you wouldn’t get in Cusco because Huancayo is still relatively untouched by international tourism. These are the places I’d recommend seeing to get a feel for what it’s traditionally like living in Peru and in the Andes mountains.

In the City of Huancayo, Peru

  • Torre Torre – natural clay formations
  • Fería de Coto Coto where farm animals are sold (by the Estadio de Coto Coto; most events are on weekends)
  • Fería de Yauris where there are llamas (weekends)
  • Fería Dominical/Sunday Fair all along Avenida Huancavelica in the Huancayo from Jirón Cusco towards Chilca
  • Main Huancayo Markets behind Real Plaza Mall
  • Parque de la Identidad Huanca – an outdoor park with sculptures of famous people from the region

Near Huancayo, Peru

A Bit Further from Huancayo, Peru

Even Further from Huancayo, Peru (Weekend Trip)

  • Bosque de Piedras/Stone Forest (Huallay) at even higher altitude where you can hike to identify stone figures – 4h away
  • La Merced – the closest Andean rainforest town to Huancayo – 4h away
  • Oxapampa – rainforest town known for its German settlement – 6.5h away

Questions about Huancayo or suggestions on places to visit in Huancayo? Help me add to this list!

Updated January 23rd, 2023

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